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The complete history of Web Design

In 2010, at 23 years old, SRIM MENGHONG, with Commercial Art confirmations close by and minimal more than $0 in their pockets, collaborated to dispatch the first incarnation of Web Design and relevantly named it "Special Images". The dynamic team's base camp were none other than Menghong guardians' carport – turned Web expert.

In the meantime, Menghong entered the universe of pre-press in a full time limit. Inside of a year they were juggling a new business and a full time pre-press work routine and had authoritatively bounced feet first into the outline and print industry.

Amid this time of imaginative advancement, the two understood that the name "One of a kind Images" wasn't generally exceptional at all and did not mirror the genuine identity of the group. After a long meeting to generate new ideas, a burger run and a couple Coca-Colas, the name Website came into fulfillment – it was intense and solid, the name enlivened creation and best of all… it wasn't taken.

From that day (and a modest bunch of legitimate charges) forward, Website Design was conceived. The change of name additionally brought on a more up to date, "hipper" area on old Menghong. With the new area came more customer base.

Menghong amassed a solid 3 years pre-press experience between them – at the same time taking what they realized and applying this information to their work of art. Discreetly they were getting seen inside of the group.

In the year 2010 Website made it official. They consolidated. With a second name change close by they got to be Web Design of Phnom Penh. Right away from that point, they moved into the New Phnom Penh post office building – where they stayed for 4 extremely fruitful years. In 2012 Website felt the need to extend by and by and migrated, where they at present live.

Menghong have dependably felt that unrivaled administration is just conceivable with a little operation and therefore, the two have still proceeded forward, adjusting themselves to a top's percentage experts in the business. This permits them exceed expectations at what they excel at – predominant configuration and unrivaled add.

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