You should have sex to get unhappiness on both sides,(Sex feel aglow and comfort, both physical and psychological....)

You should have sex to get unhappiness on both sides
Sex feel aglow and comfort, both physical and psychological. However, a man can not take a long time to give to women. According to the measure, which was discovered and published in magazines with sexual sexual doctor said the best period that takes in Sex is in the range of 3-13 minutes, and achieve the best semen in the range of 10-15 seconds.

- During sex
Sex process went smoothly, not only activity. Physical and mental part is very cohesive, before taking action. Play and touch, it's important to kindle unforgettable lover. While all these little things can make sex, it is not necessary to spend a long time. According to research published in the journal of sexual medicine also shows that good sex for about 7.3 minutes.

However, if you want to inflame long-lover, increase the play, touch and talk chameh chamas. The release of additional activities can help improve mood and arousal help you become more energy.

How long takes to inflame lover?
If you really want to know from time to kindle lover, see below:

- Faster
It takes 5 minutes or less. However, you and your lover will have to act quickly and stop playing touch, tenderly kissed him and looking at each other's eyes. If you hurry and still want to continue to spend time sufficient additional 5 minutes.

- Before bedtime
You are tired and exhausted, but still want to have? Play and touch, stormed to help you before bedtime.

- Little test new martial
Feel wanted and comfortable sex drive? Spend time with your lover by testing new sex position. However, the new martial arts should not exceed 15 minutes.

- Unforgettable sex drive
Unforgettable sex need to spend a lot of time and attention it takes time with details by playing touch, looking into each other's eyes, saying chameh chamas or Nhe before you act. Such activities should not exceed 25 minutes the rest of the night should have a good relationship and suction mouth cuddle up all night.

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