Simple way to lose thigh

For women who have a big leg, and are looking for ways to get rid of thigh Klein in the vicinity there is a simple way to make clean salon ..

Big foot problems can occur from many hereditary problems eating and eating and exercise lazy.

1. Change in eating habits by eating fat tube cake, a variety of vegetables, fruits, food and way losing other thigh.

2. Dissolve fat thigh cellulite massage way this can be done every day, along with the painted skin cream supplement current circular massage for about 10 minutes to do that lap Every morning - evening.

3. Up and down stairs often can also help lose thigh fat burning 5-10 calories per minute and can be done anytime.

4. walk after eating lunch just takes 10-20 minutes. This method helps food digestion and helps to lose thigh at the same time.

5. Exercise nigh simple kind of fiber, just sitting on the floor pulled back legs wide sides. Then bowed, hands reach out to touch the left and right leg about 30 seconds it helps digest fat in the compound under the skin very well.

6. Thigh exercise can sleep with both her back legs up and biked 5-10 minutes for thighs and legs tight salon.

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